Crum's Gives Back | Green Beret Foundation

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As a former member of the Army’s Special Forces himself, the desire to give back to his fellow men and women of the Green Berets is a natural part of Chris’s character—and one that ties closely with the culture at Crum’s.

Knowing the level of dedication required to fulfill the duties that come with being one of these “Quiet Professionals” and the dangers they face during their missions, the team at Crum’s knows also the importance of honoring them for their selfless service and bravery—especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice or have suffered injuries in the line of duty.

But paying lip service is not enough—it takes a true call to action; and part of the mission at Crum’s is not simply to give our fans the best hot sauces around, but to use those hot sauces as a way to give back. For that reason, a minimum of 5% of all annual profits are donated to the Green Beret Foundation to aid them in providing financial, professional, and emotional support to Green Berets as well as to their families in the event of injury, casualty, or transition to civilian life.     

When one of these elite are injured in the line of duty, GBF sends them financial aid and the essentials they need for a hospital stay, ensuring that they feel taken care of by their Brotherhood. GBF’s support doesn’t stop at their release from the hospital, however, as many of these Vets have ongoing battle emotional and physical challenges that need care. With that in mind, GBF is geared toward providing them with the tools and resources they need to face the next missions on their road to total recovery.

Transitioning into civilian life is a challenge in itself, and that new mission field is one that many are unprepared to face alone. GBF offers a program specifically geared toward making that transition as successful as possible so that the future is one filled with possibility and pride.

Family members who have lost their Green Beret need that same Brotherhood to come to their aid and remind them that they—and their loved ones—are not forgotten. Any help they might need covering funeral costs are provided, as is contact and guidance from a team who will connect them with the resources they need as they navigate the road ahead.

At Crum’s, this is the kind of mission we’re proud to be a part of—and we consider it an honor to feed some of our success back into the needs of our Special Forces bretheren.